Causing death by dangerous driving - Case Example A

Subsequent to a fatal road traffic accident involving a large goods vehicle being driven by MR H he was charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

Upon request a full investigation was carried out by BAI that included a site visit, examination of the tachograph and the views available to witnesses. A full technical report was prepared.  The judge instructed a meeting of the expert witnesses where the circumstances of the collision were agreed.  Following a trial at the crown court Mr H was found not guilty of all charges.

Causing death by dangerous driving - Case Example B

Mr. S was travelling along a three lane uphill section of road that was subject to a 40 mph speed limit. He was travelling in the opposite direction for his proposed destination and performed a U turn across the path of a solo motorcyclist who was exceeding the speed limit.  

BAIC conducted a full investigation, vehicle examination and examination of video footage. With this information Mr S entered a plea of guilty at an early opportunity.  It was accepted that there were extenuating circumstances that contributed to the death of the motorcyclist and the court did not impose a custodial sentence.

Causing death by dangerous driving - Case Example C

Mr. W was charged with causing death by dangerous driving following the vehicle that he was driving leaving the road coming to rest on its roof.  From the tyre marks recorded at the scene it was apparent that the rear of the car had stepped out whilst the vehicle had been negotiating a left-hand bend.  An expert report was prepared following an investigation, vehicle examination and site visit, this showed that the whilst the speed of the vehicle was too fast for him to remain in full control of his vehicle the speed limit for the road had not been exceeded.  Having accepted the report, the prosecution discontinued the charge of causing death by dangerous driving and allowed a guilty plea to the lesser charge of causing death whilst driving without due care and attention