Dangerous driving - Case Example D

Mr. C was charged with dangerous driving following an incident on an A class road that involved a number of overtaking manoeuvres.

An expert report, plans and photographs were prepared following an investigation by BAI that included conducting visibility tests to show that the circumstances and distances that were alleged by the prosecution could not have physically been achieved.  

Mr. C was found not guilty of dangerous driving, but guilty of the lesser charge of driving without due care and attention by a Jury at the crown court.

Dangerous Driving- Case Example E

Mr J, a large goods vehicle driver was summoned for an offence of dangerous driving.  It was alleged that he cut up an unmarked police vehicle and then overtook it in a dangerous manner.  

Following a site visit, videoing of the route and examination of the tachograph chart it was possible to show that the alleged cutting up manoeuvre occurred as a result of the police vehicle being in the incorrect lane and the overtaking manoeuvre occurred at a different location where the road was wide enough to permit it to be carried out safely and not at the location stated by the prosecution.  

The matter was due to be heard at the Crown Court but following the submission of the experts report all charges were dropped.